My life is an open book

My name is Julia, and I can’t stop reading.

I’ve been reading for a half century. In fact, I can’t remember a time when I could not read. Reading is my second-favorite thing to do after eating, and just before sleeping. I mean, I do other things as well, but most of them are just ways to fill time between books — or make money to buy more books!

One of the ways I made book money for many years was as a newspaper reporter/editor. Since I left that career in 2002, I’ve looked for any excuse to keep up my writing. Book-centered content, mainly reviews with a scattering of random observations and deeper dives, seems like a great way to do that, and thus An American Bluestocking was born.

I’ve been a member of LibraryThing since 2005, where I catalog all the books I read, whether I own them or not. I’ve also written almost 400 reviews on that site; moving forward I’ll post my reviews both there and here (though they may be tweaked slightly to accommodate the different formats). I may also re-publish some of my previous reviews on that site over here, but in the meantime please feel free to check them out over there. It’s a great community of book lovers and a wonderful place to catalog your books. And if you are already a member of LT, or become one, please “friend” me there!

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