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Uncovering family secrets in seaside Ireland

Her mother’s death leads Elizabeth on a journey to discover her father’s true identity and why her mother refused to talk about her life before Elizabeth was born.

Complicated family dynamics drive the action in ‘Bonecrack’

Neil Griffon gets more than he bargained for when he temporarily assumes management of his estranged father’s stable. Along with the horses, he has to deal with a villain whose inexperienced son wants to be an apprentice jockey — whatever the cost.

Birth and death in the midst of a pandemic

in 1918 Dublin, a young nurse works desperately to save her influenza-wracked maternity patients while trying to find some sliver of hope in the midst of so much illness and death.

Happiness is having your own library card.

Sally Brown in Peanuts

My Life Is an Open Book

Hi, I’m Julia. I started reading before kindergarten, and I haven’t stopped since. The next best thing to reading a book is talking about it with friends.

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