Currently Reading, 9 March 2020

How does a child recover from a tragedy that takes his entire family away from him? And how can the people around him help him navigate his grief and make a new life on his own? Those are the questions faced by the title character in Dear Edward (2020, Random House), the latest novel byContinue reading “Currently Reading, 9 March 2020”

Currently Reading, 2 March 2020

Something Old, Something New My March reading month is starting out like a lion: Lethal Passage by Erik Larson (1995, Vintage Books) From one of my favorite nonfiction authors, a short but powerful book tracing a handgun from its manufacture through its journey into the hands of a disturbed teenager who uses it in aContinue reading “Currently Reading, 2 March 2020”

Currently Reading, 8 July 2019

Something Old, Something New I start this post-holiday week with three books on the go: Rat Race by Dick Francis (originally published 1971 but I’m reading a brand-new ebook edition just published by Canelo) is a re-read for me. We’ve got a little group read going on over at LibraryThing where we will read oneContinue reading “Currently Reading, 8 July 2019”