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The return of women to country music

A new crop of women songwriters and musicians are reclaiming their place in the country music space — sexism be damned.

Canine tails — and teeth

How much biting are you, a dog lover, willing to tolerate in your canine roommates? Probably not as much as Julie Klam, bless her heart.

Shattering the myth of the Secret Service

History shows us that the recent failings of the US Secret Service had their roots in an agency whose culture and management have been in…

A high school reunion turns deadly

When one member of a high school clique is murdered at a reunion, the solution may lie in things that happened during the final weeks…

Happiness is having your own library card.

Sally Brown in Peanuts

My Life Is an Open Book

Hi, I’m Julia. I started reading before kindergarten, and I haven’t stopped since. The next best thing to reading a book is talking about it with friends.

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