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Murder in the corn

What really happened to the wife of a crop scientist in the Iowa cornfields?

The sex symbol who couldn’t see himself

I’m guessing you already know who Paul Newman is (if you don’t, please comment and tell me!) so I won’t waste words on an introduction…

Eerie stories in your ear

A haunted house on an island off the coast of Cornwall challenges a group of psychical researchers to solve a ghostly mystery.

Longmire in limbo

When Sheriff Walt Longmire is injured in pursuit of a suspect, he finds himself hovering in an ambiguous spiritual limbo where the past lives on.

The return of women to country music

A new crop of women songwriters and musicians are reclaiming their place in the country music space — sexism be damned.

Happiness is having your own library card.

Sally Brown in Peanuts

My Life Is an Open Book

Hi, I’m Julia. I started reading before kindergarten, and I haven’t stopped since. The next best thing to reading a book is talking about it with friends.

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